Roof tile colours

Choose between a range of roof tile colours

Colour Swatches

roof restoration colour chart
roof tile colours
roof restoration tile colour chart

Roof Tile Colours

Roof tile colours are available in:

light grey roof painted and restored to new

Pictured here is a home restored with a light grey roof tile. Obviously, if your roof is a light colour, it will naturally reflect more UV radiation as heat.

Roof tile colours shown represent actual product colours. The appearance may vary subject to surface conditions. Tile paint is also available in white and other pastel colours. We have a colour matching service if required.

Tileflex Roof Paint

Tileflex is a nanotechnology modified acrylic polymer roof paint. It is designed to substantially lower surface friction and repel dirt.

NXT Cool Zone

Some roof paint colours here are available in NXT COOL ZONE® Heat Reflecting Roof Coatings (as marked). 

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