Roof Restoration Process

12 steps to an Awesome roof Resto

12 Step Roof Restoration

roof inspection & assessment

Climate Roof Restoration in Perth uses a 12 step process which is quality controlled from start to finish.

A highly experienced consultant will come to survey your roof, which involves accessing your roof, measuring, assessing ridgecaps and tiles and valleys. Part of our consultation process is colour advice if required, and talking about timing, leaks and how our whole process works.


Replace Tiles & Repair Flashing/Ridgecaps

Replace broken tiles and ridgecaps as required


Fix Leaks

Fix existing leaks (as noted on contract)


Coat & Repair Flashings & Valleys

Check and coat/repair flashings/valleys as required


Pressure clean tile or tin roof

Pressure clean areas to be coated


Gutters & Downpipes

Clean out gutters and downpipes


re-bed & re-point

Ridgecaps re-bedded and re-pointed as required


Check preparation is solid

Supervisor available to check preparation if required



Appropriate sealer applied


Double coating

2 coats of quality coatings applied (heat reflective coating available)


Clean up

Clean up restoration waste removed from site


Spare tiles

5 pre coated spares left on site


10yr guarantee

10 year guarantee, including labour and materials

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Free downpipe with every gutter installation

Roof Tile & Colorbond Colours

We can also arrange colour bond gutters and downpipes to be installed (See our Gutters & Downpipes page) We also coat tin roofs and are specialists in coating an painting roofs that have previously been coated.
roof restoration process colorbond gutters colour chart

Improve your roof profile by getting new COLORBOND® gutters and downpipes installed by licensed professionals. Be the envy on your street.

Did we also mention that we offer a complete roof cleaning and coating service?

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