Tileflex Roof painting

Dirt-resistant roof paint for a Clean Home Dome

Climate Roof restorations: protecting Perth's roofs

before and after tileflex roof painting

The appearance of your home is greatly improved with a clean glossy coloured roof.

Durable coatings protect your roof from ageing. Perth’s roofs take a lot of bashing on our hottest days:

  • moisture
  • UV light radiation
  • extreme Perth temperatures
  • dirt
  • pollution
  • moss
  • lichen
  • bacteria

This results in gloss reduction, chalking, discoloration, blistering, flaking, loss of adhesion, and unsightly moss and lichen build up resulting in general coating failure.

How does Tileflex roof paint work?

TileFlex uses a unique system of surface cleaning Nano Technology to repel dirt pick up and contamination.

TileFlex contains highly effective polymer preservatives which provide long lasting broad spectrum, algaecide and fungicide protection to prevent polymer discoloration and deterioration and moss and lichen growth.

Tileflex Paint

Dirt resistant roof painting

TileFlex has a revolutionary coating combining advanced technology developed over more than 40 years.

TileFlex roof coating will stay cleaner and retain gloss longer than conventional acrylic roof coating.

TileFlex won’t peel, crack or fade, providing the surface is primed and it is applied correctly. That’s where Climate Roof Restorations comes in.

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