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Benefits of heat reflective roof Coatings

Here in Perth, the most preferred roof colours are rich brown, red, grey and terra cotta. But dark coloured roofs can soak up the Sun – making your home hotter.

With heat reflective roof coatings your house could be between 6 and 10 degrees cooler inside.

In some areas, light-coloured roofs are not allowed due to reasons established by the Council planning controls. So since the council requires roof that would blend into the environment, NXT Cool Zone has made available colours that are approved by the council.

With heat reflective roof coatings, we guarantee you a safe, environment-friendly technology that only uses water based acrylic polymers with minimal Volatile Organic Compounds.

Revive your roof, help the environment, save money on energy costs, and most of all, live comfortably. Have your own smart coating for a perfect finish.

Two Types of Roof Restoration Paint

Heat Reflective roof coatings offer protection against wind, rain, hail, and sunlight. But did you know it is also possible to lessen the temperature inside your home during those hot summer days? 

If your roof isn’t already being shaded by multiple solar panels, investing a little extra in decent roof coating is a great way to save on energy and cooling costs.

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Climate is proud to offer two choices of roof coatings. One is self-cleaning and dirt-resistant, the other is heat reflective. Click below to find out more.

While heat reflective paint is a little more expensive, you save in cooling costs and wear and tear due to heat trapped in your roof cavity and inside the rooms of your home.

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